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NTPL Tech has only one goal and that is to provide the best in class IT services to the businesses around the world. Our team always strive to make things simple but not simpler.


The fundamental principle of our company NTPL is INTEGRATION and we believe in the same. Integration is a word! We come across this word in the following subjects: Sociology, Ecology, Engineering, Technology, genetics, mathematics, Sanskrit etc. in our daily life. Somewhere this exist as a complete branch while somewhere only as a terminology, but if we look at its basic form then this assimilate as a single concept: "combination in a certain format".

Meet the members

NTPL Team Member

Kirti Singh


NTPL Team Member

Priya Yadav

Finance Manager

NTPL Team Member

Aklesh Meena

Business Head

NTPL Team Member

Mukesh Manra

Business Development

NTPL Team Member

Sachin Yadav

Chief Designer

NTPL Team Member

Shubh Verma

Marketing Manager

NTPL Team Member

Arun Verma

Web Department Head

NTPL Team Member

Shivam Kumar

App Department Head